Content Demand Specialist

General Details

Position title: Content Demand Specialist

Reports to: Content Project Manager


This position will be in charge of solving inquiries between the Content Area and the final Customer.

Job Description

Key Functions

  • Receive, categorize and respond customer content requests.

    • Communicate with customers to understand their needs.

    • Forward real requests to the marketing/content teams to create the new content.

  • Communicate with the content team and the marketing team possible new content areas to explore, as requested by customers.

  • Know Placeit’s content inventory fully and recognize when a content request is for something new, or if it’s something we already have but the customer couldn’t find.

  • Follow up with customers when their requests are ready.

Required Skills

  • At least 2 years of experience working on advertising, media, communication or a design agency

  • Capability to organize and prioritize tasks

  • Excellent communication skills, from operations to final customer

  • Attention to detail

  • Basic knowledge of Excel or Google Sheets

  • Criteria to understand visual content

  • Very basic knowledge of design and video

  • Excellent grammatical English skills


  • Inflation adjustment every year

  • Profit sharing from global Envato once a year (5% is divided)

  • We pay for any flight tickets around Mexico to a place you haven’t been 2x a year

  • Unlimited ebooks / books

  • Paid for educational courses that relate to your work

  • Our vacation days start at 9, they are earned proportionately during the year instead of having to wait at the end of the year.


Do I need previous experience in Customer Support?

Its not required, but a plus to have. We need a person who is passionate about solving customers inquiries delivering the best possible experience.

Where are we located?
Our office is located near Los Arcos / Centro Magno in Guadalajara, Jalisco.
Once you submit the application, we will send you more information and we will schedule a small test.

What is our way of working?

Fast, constantly changing, proactive. We handle a lot of data (content, templates, requests) quickly.

How is a typical day?

You will receive customer emails and will respond, get more information on the request, sync with the content project managers to get it done and eventually deliver to the customer.

How can I contribute to the team? Can I contribute with my own style and knowledge?

You can contribute with different ways to organize the workflow to make it more efficient, providing canned responses to speed the answers times and you can also propose new template types that come from your ideas and not from customer requests.

What is the goal of the department?

To create high quality templates that are relevant to our users’ needs.

Which metrics do we use to guide the department?

The department is guided by the amount of templates we create. Your position is measured by your response time, the quality of your responses and how you communicate the requests to the team.

Get to know your Team Lead

I’m Seamus and my role within Placeit is as a Content Manager. I’m excited to tell you more about the role, as well as speaking with you about where you can add value and how we can assist in your personal and professional development. You will be joining a wonderful organization. Here we strive to empower you to achieve your maximum, where we support you along the way.