General Details

Position title: Customer Support

Reports to: Customer Support Team Lead

Salary: $20,000 pesos brutos monthly

Work Schedule: able to work on Saturday and Sunday, with two days of the weekdays off.

9AM to 6PM. Choose to start at 7:30AM.


Fields inbound customer service requests in a manner that keeps them happy and satisfied.

Job Description

Key Duties

  • Responds to incoming Freshdesk tickets in a timely manner

  • Help customers understand the product

  • Be extra sensitive towards frustrated customers

  • Always offer to get on the phone with those who have a hard time following written instructions

  • Pass on partner opportunities

  • Be sensitive towards any potential bugs the application may have and pass them to the development team and CEO to check further

  • Pass on common customer issues to the marketing team to create content around

  • Answer incoming phone calls

  • Respond to users on social media

Required Skills

  • Two years of Customer Service experience or Servicedesk

  • Strong empathy for customer

  • Excellent written english - preferred native

  • Sensitive towards small signals

  • Always maintaining a professional and friendly tone

Q & A

What is our way of working?

We offer support through email, social networks, chat and telephone, we channel problems and "feedback" from customers to the corresponding areas.

How is a typical day?

Answer emails in the first hour, keep abreast of the other media. Report bugs and forward feedback on UX.

How is the work process, from idea to final product?

Contact is maintained with the client until the resolution of their problem or doubt. Your Team Leader will guide (besides giving support) to review / manage the tickets and monitor the customer feedback on the service.

How can I contribute to the team? Can I contribute with my own style and knowledge?

With an excellent attitude of service, kindness, ability to communicate with customers and interest in learning about the company. Of course you can contribute with your own style! The more varied the skills of each member of our team, the better the customer service we can provide.

What is the goal of the department?

Keep our customers happy with the services and help other areas to detect problems with the page.

Which metrics do we use to guide the department?

Response time and customer satisfaction (surveys)

Get to know your Team Lead:

I consider myself patient, I like working as a team and I am very interested in maintaining an environment of cordiality, good communication and empathy. I love learning new things and sharing knowledge.