General Details

Position title: DevOps

Reports to: CTO


The Development Operations Engineer supports the Web Infrastructure Architect and the development operations team to design of and implement our infrastructure automation.

If you want to see some examples of our Design Templates, visit the Placeit website.

Job Description


What are we looking for?

An experienced DevOps Engineer with knowledge on AWS, Ubuntu and System Administration to join the Placeit team.

What would I work on specifically?

You will be responsible for building and managing our existing environments in AWS and Datacenter. The position is highly technical and balanced between engineering and backend. You will act independently and work in collaboration with other team members. You would also be working on the backend component of new features from start to finish, which would include everything from early prototypes to getting the production server ready to checking for security concerns.

What general skills do I need to perform well in this position?

You need to know how to:

  • Be organized and smart.

  • Be technically curious (learning on your own).

  • Have a serious interest in understanding the goal behind your work.

  • Push for doing things the right way the first time around.

  • Have empathy for our users.

  • Take care of maintainability of the system, and develop good monitoring practices.

What technical skills do I need to perform well in this position?

You need to be familiar with the following:

  • Strong Experience with containers.

  • Experience with (Deployments, Daemonization of Services, etc.)

  • Build robust Infrastructure as code knowledge (AWS-EC2, AWS-SQS, AWS-Route 53, AWS-S3, AWS-IAM, AWS-VPC, AWS-RDS, AWS-EBS, AWS-CloudWatch)

  • Experience implementing CI/CD pipelines.

  • Unix/Linux (Ubuntu), BASH, ZSH, Shell Scripting, Piping, Core Utils. Understanding of STDIN, STDOUT, STDERR.

  • Scalability and High Availability Experience.

  • RDB/RDBS/RDS/DBA Knowledge.

What are the required baseline technical skills for all levels of engineers there?

Here is a list of what we consider baseline fundamentals that you need to be familiar with no matter what area of the platform you work on:

  • Unix/Linux Administration Basics.

  • Basic experience with ORM.

  • Software Design Patterns.

  • Functional Programming Principles.

  • Event Oriented (including asynchronous) Programming.

  • Object Oriented Programming.

  • Prototype Based Programming.

  • Coding Best Practices.

  • Refactoring Best Practices.

  • Test Driven Development.

  • Solid understanding of object-oriented programming.

  • Proficient understanding of code versioning tools (e.g. Git, or SVN).

  • Proficient in BASH/ZSH shell.

  • Familiarity with continuous integration and delivery.

  • Basic familiarity with networking systems, load balancers, and TCP/IP network constructs.

  • Knowledge of performance and reliability monitoring strategies.

  • 2+ years’ hands-on experience in infrastructure Engineering, DevOps Engineer

  • 2+ years of experience in public cloud (AWS)

  • 1+ years of experience in Container technologies

  • Experience working in an agile environment.

  • Experience with a highly available and scalable SaaS.

  • Nice to have: Backend Experience, Ruby Proficiency.

Who will I be reporting to?

You will be reporting to: CTO, Tech Leads.

What does your engineering process look like?

We do believe that most people have a planning bias so most would think that we spend quite a bit of time in trying to clear and organize our minds before starting any task. We call it “X Workflow”.

We also set aside 1 week every 8 weeks for any code improvements each engineer would like to focus on. This allows you to have time set aside for any refactoring you’d like to do without asking for the time.

We try to automate testing as much as possible. With 3 products out there, we don’t have a single dedicated QA person. We try to optimize our team such that a QA team should be unnecessary. Every person inside the company acts as decentralized QA departments (from customer service to CEO to engineers).

The specification document and our general process for approaching new feature development is documented here called X Workflow.

How’s the work/life balance there?

Most engineers are here between 10am to 6pm although some come earlier and leave a bit earlier. Some days they stay later and some days they leave earlier.

We generally keep an “adult policy” over these things. The idea is that you’re responsible and we’re not going to babysit you. We don’t really focus on the hours you spend in the office. Our focus is mostly on how efficient you are.

We’re flexible for people that want to start work earlier and leave earlier as well.

Can I work remotely?

We’re generally not considering remote workers at this point. We ideally want you to be here in our GDL office.

Will you pay for my relocation?


Do you guys help with my paperwork if I’m not a Mexican citizen?


What language do you guys use inside the office?

We tend to go between Spanish and English quite a bit but if you only speak English, that’s ok too.

About Placeit in Envato Mexico

Our engineering team is fairly small given our company size. We only have 20 total engineers that work on our image processing engine, main app that handles listing and selling our products, and our video engine.

Within our ecosystem of services, we currently serve more than 8 million customers worldwide. We have projects ranging from working on our frontend Canvas/WebGL engine to working on scaling to video processing servers to our redesign to a new AI-based design tool we're releasing soon.

Our engineering culture is highly collaborative environment that's heavy on getting clarity on problem approach before "starting" your work. That includes lots of tiny protos and once the clarity is there, technical spec'ing.


The salary range for this position would be between $70,000.00 and $100,000.00 MXN Gross.