Digital Copywriter

General Details

Position title: Digital Copywriter

Reports to: Head of Content


The Digital Copywriter will be part of the publishing process to maintain a consistent website with ranked products internally and externally with SEO foundations and creative copywriting.

Job Description

Key Functions

  • Make/correct product titles, descriptions and meta descriptions

  • Review the consistency of the products within the website and propose constant navigation improvements

  • Keyword research for titles, tags and descriptions

  • Review content from designers (titles, descriptions, and overall design)

  • Review the functionality and quality of new products

Required Skills

  • Fluent in English - preferably native

  • Perfect writing and grammar skills

  • Creative writing

  • Attention to details

  • Experience with copywriting for websites/products

  • Experience with keyword research and SEO foundations

Secondary Skills

  • Eye for design

  • Digital Marketing

  • Proactive

  • Time management


  • Inflation adjustment every year

  • Profit sharing from global Envato once a year (5% is divided)

  • We pay for any flight tickets around Mexico to a place you haven’t been 2x a year

  • Unlimited ebooks / books

  • Paid for educational courses that relate to your work

  • Our vacation days start at 9, they are earned proportionately during the year instead of having to wait at the end of the year.


What is our way of working?

We have daily and weekly goals but each member of the team decides how to divide their tasks. What’s important in our team is to keep each other always informed about any doubts in the process, we are always willing to try out new ideas for improvement.  

How is a typical day?

A day at Placeit starts with breakfast, because there’s no way to be productive with an empty stomach, gladly we have a lot of fruit to choose from and fresh coffee all day. Once we’re set for work, we give ourselves a few minutes to revise our emails and the current tickets to be done, here’s when we decide our working process for the day.

We don’t have a specific lunch break, so we mainly take it when we need it. There are a lot of good places around the corner so it’s always easy to get a good lunch meal.

 What’s fun about Placeit is that you are always meeting new people and the atmosphere within the company is very relaxed and friendly, so if one day you don’t feel like being in the office, you take your computer and sit outside or take a short time to stretch a little with a great view from Guadalajara.


How is the work process, from idea to final product

Once we have a mockup or design to be published, we start our process with some keyword research, we have to make sure the user can easily find the product, therefore we have a lot of communication with the marketing team, which is constantly providing us with trendy keywords or changes.

As publishers we also have to review the functionality of each product and be aware of any fix or inconsistency. Once a product is ready, we publish it and double check it looks good on our website.


How can I contribute to the team? Can I contribute with my own style and knowledge?

Even though there are a lot of guidelines, a lot of creativity and attention to details is needed, it’s not just about publishing but to make the platform that’s friendly and invites you to explore it, because it’s useful and it’s fun!


What is the goal of the department?

Our goal is to achieve publishing content in an accurate and concise manner to help the user find the product they need in a fast and easy way.

To achieve this, our tasks must go way beyond publishing a product, we make sure the whole platform is consistent in content and functionality where a lot of keyword research, making updates and having eye for improvement opportunities is always needed.


Which metrics do we use to guide the department?

We’ve a lot of reports to measure our daily tasks and emergent fixes. Be sure it’s not boring, there’s always a new feature, so it’s a lot of learning and adapting our goals depending on what appears the next day.