Uploaded by Envato Mexico HR on 2019-03-20.


General Details

Position title: Frontend Engineer

Reports to: CTO


You would be working on the front-end of Placeit. So you’d be entirely responsible for the front-end aspect of any new features for Placeit.

Job Description

Key Duties

  • Create prototypes

  • Write technical specs

  • QA your work

  • Journal your process

  • Update tickets and keep work organized

  • Follow methodologies that the company provides

  • Write efficient software

  • Work with stakeholders to understand tradeoffs

  • Follow up on issues / errors on a regular basis

Required Skills (be familiar with the following)

Great to Have Skills

  • Be clever about how to approach problems

  • Be technically curious (learning on your own)

  • Have a serious interest in understanding the goal behind your work

  • Push for doing things the right way the first time around

  • Have empathy for our users

  • Know the basics of Photoshop

  • Any background in programming graphics or video games