General Details

Position title: Heuristics Engineer

Reports to: CTO


Write heuristics and libraries to manipulate templates to achieve a particular visual look and feel desired by our Retouch and Illustration teams.

Job Description

Key Duties

  • Write new heuristics and functions for templates

  • Write function that can manipulate graphics

  • Study how various programs make changes to graphics to understand the underlying mathematics

  • Assist the other departments in the company to know what is and is not easily possible when considering heuristics

Required Skills

  • Very strong background in math and its use in creating and manipulating graphics

  • Basic understanding of frontend web technologies

  • Comfortable within Matlab or R or any program to be able to easily manipulate graphics

  • Strong understanding of color theory

  • Basic understanding of the intersection of design beauty and math. As in, what mathematical concepts really drive great or what people consider beautiful .