IT Account Administrator

General Details

Position title: IT Account Administrator

Reports to: IT Manager


In this position, you will be responsible to to take care of basic technical support for the office.

Job Description

Key Functions

  • Account Management

Adding new accounts

Editing Accounts

Password management (Reset passwords)

  • Account Review

Regular Review of Account Permissions

Regular Review of Security Settings

  • OnBoarding + Offboarding

      Handle new Account Setup

      Handle Account removal Tasks

  • Purchasing

Purchase new software

Add additional users and assign them

Cancelling users

Cancelling our software and accounts

  • Payment Related

Add/Editing/Replacing Credit Card Information

Responding to Declined Payments and other financial notices on accounts

Requesting and passing invoices to Finance

  • Training

Training for new users on official company software.

  • Vendor Communication

Communicating with Software vendors

Follow up on non technical matters with vendors

Follow up with support department of vendors

Required Skills

  • At least 1 year of experience as an IT Administrator or similar

  • English level: advanced

  • Highly familiar with both Mac and Windows

  • Great at creating a personal connection with our people

  • Properly prioritize your tasks depending on importance

  • Communicate loudly and clearly to all the stakeholders


Inflation adjustment every year

  • Profit sharing from global Envato once a year (5% is divided)

  • We pay for any flight tickets around Mexico to a place you haven’t been 2x a year

  • Unlimited ebooks / books

  • Paid for educational courses that relate to your work

Q & A ´s

How is a typical day?

 Great work environment, some times the workload can be heavy but there is always time to do the things right and relax a bit,

How is the work process, from idea to final product?

 In a growing company it is always important to keep track on the expansion, the current users and the ones joining, they all need access to their tools and planning in advance always works better.

How can I contribute to the team? Can I contribute with my own style and knowledge?

 Yes you can, yet it is needed to understand that the company have their own ways to do things, so contribution must be focused on the same path.

What is the goal of the department?

 Keep a good control and track of accounts, purchases and user administration,

Which metrics do we use to guide the department?

Fast response to user queries, anticipation with the creation or assignation of accounts for new users and already existing hires.

Anticipation with the acquisition of equipment for new employees and replacements for the damaged/obsolete one.

Track of accounting information related to prices, cost and depreciation of the equipment the company hold.