IT Recruiter

General Details

Position title: IT Recruiter

Reports to: HR Manager


We are looking for someone that can help us with recruitment of great talent and on boarding them to our Engineering Team.

Job Description

Key Functions

  • Post positions / edit positions

  • Tweak posting on major job sites for great responses

  • Create videos and content ranging from benefits to work culture

  • Filter through candidates

  • Set up interviews

  • Help with admin works related to onboarding

  • Keep ear to the ground and stay close to new employees as they are being onboarded to help them with any issues

  • Put up / write HR related material and communicate to the broader team

  • Help plan / strategize for new roles and creative ways of hiring new people

  • Provide metrics for how we’re doing on various methods of hiring

  • Organize tests and structure the grading process

  • Improve the employer brand through great communication

Required Skills

  • Great English speaking and writing level

  • Very familiar with online recruitment tools

  • Creative and clever ideas on how to recruit (not just post jobs)

  • Has used HR software management (knowledge of at least two)

  • Great at creating a personal connection and being "human" with our people

  • At least 3 years of experience as an HR Recruiter of Engineering positions


What is our way of working?

We work in a fast-paced environment that is focused on results. What’s important in our team is to keep each other always informed, we promote to speak up if there are any doubts in the process, we are always willing to try out new ideas for improvement.  

How is a typical day?

A day at Placeit starts with breakfast, because there’s no way to be productive with an empty stomach, gladly we have a lot of fruit to choose from and fresh coffee all day. Once we’re set for work, we give ourselves a few minutes to revise our emails and the current tickets to be done, here’s when we decide our working process for the day.

What’s fun about Placeit is that you are always meeting new people and the atmosphere within the company is very relaxed and friendly, so if one day you don’t feel like being in the office, you take your computer and sit outside or take a short time to stretch a little with a great view from Guadalajara.

How is the work process?

We are always searching for Frontend, Backend and Fullstack Engineers. Not just that, but we look for the best talent in the market! This is not an easy task to do, so we are way creative on the way we search for this future superstars. Publishing and outreach is our main focus, so you will need to get really familiar with our culture in order to communicate our message as concrete as possible.

How can I contribute to the team? Can I contribute with my own style and knowledge?

Even though there are some guidelines already in place, a lot of creativity and attention to details is needed. It’s not just about searching for talent, it´s to continue complimenting an already great team! Yes please we need your ideas and creativity for this task.


Get to know your Team Lead

Hi my name is Alejandra and I´m very excited to work with you! In our team we have very talented professionals that come from diverse backgrounds. The aim is to develop yourself as well as Placeit, so we can learn from one another while having fun.