General Details

Position title: Marketing Engineer

Reports to: Marketing Team Lead


Manage the technical and visual aspects of the blog and also help the marketing team in creating new tools and experiences.

Job Description

Key Duties

  • Make sure the blog is performant

  • Add new tools and plugins that the marketing team needs

  • Make stylistic changes asked by various members of the team

  • Monitor the performance of new changes

  • Monitor the blog’s SEO performance

  • Optimize the blog for mobile experience

  • Create new interactive experiences that are thought of and worked through with the rest of the marketing team

Required Skills

  • Basic front-end programming skills such as jQuery

  • Understands basics of CSS and has experience working with platforms such as Boostrap or Foundation

  • 2+ years working with WordPress and WordPress plugins

  • Basic understanding of JavaScript and how to program basic programs within JavaScript

  • Skillful with using external libraries and tools to get small tools published that deliver value for new users