General Details

Position title: Motion Graphics Designer

Reports to: Motion Graphics Team Leader


Your task will be to create stunning video templates for the fastest growing category of Placeit, retouch them to make them as professional as possible, everything from the logo to the videos for social networks!

Job Description

Key Duties

  • Propose design layouts and illustrations that represent our marketing tracks through references or sketches.

  • Create quality design layouts or illustrations keeping an organized layer structure so that our animators can work with them easily.

  • Use the Team Lead feedback to improve your compositions and further content decisions.

  • Work with animators to come up with new concepts and ideas for the animation/design process.

Required Skills

  • Creativity - Use your skills to represent attractive themes and layouts for our customers.

  • Time management - Understand how to balance competing priorities and multiple projects while meeting deadlines.

  • Excellent color theory and typography knowledge.

Q & A

What is our way of working?

We have a very relaxed and friendly environment, respect and responsibility are fundamental.


How is a typical day?

We have a calendar of needed templates that are assigned. From that point on, it is your task to create! In the case of animation, the product goes from the static art creation where all the visual assets are made to the animation team where everything comes alive.


How is the work process, from idea to final product

Our marketing team follows stage sales and find current business opportunities and trends that match the online market. That information is used to develop our calendar of animations to produces. Once that information is set up, the art team works on the visual look of the animation. Then, the animation team uses those layouts, icons and elements to animate the final proposal.


How can I contribute to the team? Can I contribute with my own style and knowledge?

Yes. Diversity makes everything stronger, innovative and creative peoples will be always welcome.


What is the goal of the department?

Our goal is to create beautiful and highly versatile templates that our users can modify to create their own video. We want to make sure anyone can make something beautiful, even if they don’t have design skills.


Which metrics do we use to guide the department?

Amount of templates and template variations created per week


Get to know your Team Lead

Diana Bray: “I am responsible for coordinating and directing the motion graphics team, I like to work with people who are looking for effective solutions, are open to learning and communicate in a relaxed environment and enjoy to work especially on team work.”