General Details

Position title: Operations Manager

Reports to: CEO


To guide all three team leaders to do their best and make sure we have operational excellence across the board. Mostly that means making sure we produce quality assets as efficiently as possible.

Job Description

Key Duties

  • Review and manage key production metrics to make sure they hit a baseline that the company expects

  • Work with CEO on new production tracks to explore them before exposing them to the team leaders

  • Work with team leaders on issues they have with their teams

  • Review sales data and work with CEO and marketing team to propose new production tracks

  • QA the site for any issues that may arise

  • Work with the customer service person to see any issues that we may currently have

  • Help create primitive prototypes of tests that need to be ran with the production team

  • Help design migration and production flow plans

  • Communicate new changes in production flow or requirements that need to be considered by team leads

  • Review sales data and prepare monthly revenue report broken down by niche

  • Work directly with any team members of Retouch, Photography and Illustration if needed to unclog or redesign a process to be more efficient

  • Brainstorm ideas with the team leads on how to make their team better

  • Meets with the team leads of the three areas mentioned above to go over any issues

  • Reviews weekly model and equipment budgets proposed by team leaders

  • Helps in recruitment of team members for any of the 3 teams

Required Skills

  • Self-reliant

  • Analytical thinking and background

  • Knows how to use various tools to breakdown data

  • Can create an objective perspective when discussions are getting pushed into subjective

  • Can break down ambiguous tasks in a workflow that’s efficient

  • 2+ years of project management

  • Has worked with Adobe After Effects and Adobe Photoshop

  • Has been involved in video/photo production and management

  • Works well with technical and creative team members

Great to Have Skills

  • Scripting or automation background