General Details

Position title: Photographer Team Lead

Reports to: Operations Manager


Reviews and proposes shoots for the photography team in addition to managing everything related to the production of the shoots.

Job Description

Key Duties

  • Manage the weekly budget for models

  • Manage the company equipment

  • Keep all props and equipment clean and safe

  • Work with photographers to propose new concepts

  • Review the work from each photographer and only pass the best work

  • Pass on feedback to each photographer and work on them on their weak areas

  • Hold classes when you see issues shared amongst many of the team members

  • Recruit models

  • Recruit photographers

  • Organize models database

  • Create and propose clear target profiles for shoots that can be easily followed

  • Make sure no equipment gets damaged or lost

  • Make sure equipment is organized

  • Get feedback from models and team on how model/photographer dynamics can be improved

  • Share production metrics with Operations Manager

  • Push to improve production metrics

  • Create and send incentive amounts to operations manager

Required Skills

  • Great understanding of the physics of light

  • Has worked with advanced camera equipment

  • Has strong experience managing production from start to finish

  • Has had a lot of experience working with models

  • Understand the technical components that make for great work

  • Experience in using project management and ticket management systems

  • Understands the basics of converting your work in optimal formats and cleanup

  • Great interpersonal skills to work with models

Great to Have Skills

  • Background in filmmaking