General Details

Position title: Retouch Team Lead

Reports to: Operations Manager


Manage the “Retouch” team to make sure they are performing efficiency and creating quality templates and assets.

Job Description

Key Duties

  • Push the team to be more efficient using better workflows and automations.

  • Organize the team to focus on what they are each best at.

  • Set clear workflows and checklists when we have new processes.

  • Explore new content areas and experiment with the technical team.

  • Make sure only high quality content gets published.

  • Design incentives for the content team to push their performance.

  • Train new team mates in new technologies and processes. 

  • Share production metrics with Operations Manager.

  • Push to improve production metrics.

  • Create and send incentive amounts to operations manager.

Required Skills

  • +6 years of work experience in the field of professional photography and photo retouching.

  • +2 years in Director's Office Advertising / Art Director / Creative Director / Team Leader / Supervisor related in the field of photography and photo retouching.

  • Knowledge in Technical Retouching / Cosmetics. Experience in Photographic Workflow.

  • Proven work experience as a team leader or supervisor.

  • Team work coordination.

  • Excellent communication and leadership skills.

  • Ability to receive and give spoken and written feedback.

  • Critical thinking and skills to solve problems creatively.

  • Organizational skills and time management.

  • Skills for decision making.

  • Sense of ownership / pride for their work performance, and their impact on the success of the company.

  • Knowledge about performance metrics. Flexible and congruent.

Great to Have Skills

  • Domain of Adobe Photoshop.

  • Domain G-Suite. MacOS.

  • Basic knowledge of 3D programs (Blender).

  • Workflow and organization programs (Assembla, Asana, etc.)