Sr. SEO Specialist

General Details

Position title: Sr. SEO Specialist

Reports to: Marketing Team


We are looking for a SEO specialist to join its marketing team. We have a suite of tools that let you make graphics and videos online in seconds. We dominate many of the markets that we’re in currently but we’re quickly entering into many new ones where we need a stronger SEO effort.

Our marketing team doesn’t have a dedicated SEO owner at the moment so this the perfect opportunity for a senior specialist that wants to build the SEO function with the right roots!

We get the vast majority of our subscriptions through organic channels so this is a big focus for us.  To get a rough concept of the scale of our business, use your competitive research tools and make your best guess when you come in for an interview!

Our product moves fast and you’ll be happy to hear that we’ll be very responsive to SEO changes that are backed by good logic :)

Job Description

Key Functions

  • Familiar with all the latest tools to run efficient analysis

  • Data driven analysis and suggestions

  • Keyword research

  • Competitive research

  • Technical SEO analysis and follow up on the execution of the changes

  • General SEO strategy owner

Required Skills

  • You’ve performed the functions above for at least 4 years at another company or companies that had a B2C model

  • Excellent written english level

    Bonus points if you’ve worked in our industry!